Choosing Polish Mail Order Brides: Tips For Success In 2024

Are you a single guy wanting to settle down with a foreign beauty? Lonely Slavic ladies have to offer something other girls can`t. They amaze men across the globe with a charming character, femininity, and intelligence. Polish brides` sophisticated nature makes them perfect spouses for family life. But how to attract one of these girls? Discover more common peculiarities of Polish ladies to get prepared for your first conversation.

What`s the language of your future spouse?

All citizens of Poland speak Polish, and a great part of them know English. To get acquainted with a young alluring local girl, choose big cities which can boast of numerous English-speaking girls. In Warsaw, the capital of the country, with 1.7 million inhabitants, your chances to find such a girlfriend are high. Basically, the young generation learns this language at universities, so you won`t face a problem of misunderstanding.

Poland woman

What communication style do cute Polish girls have?

In Poland, honesty is highly valued in relationships. Local girls are known as direct communicators, so you`ll always know what she actually thinks. However, Polish brides never say something that can hurt your feelings, as they`re sensitive to others` moods. Usually, the relationship level determines how and what these girls say. They`re gregarious and can show affection during the interaction. The word “czesc” is Polish for “hi,” but still an English “hello” is guaranteed to get a warm response. The first few minutes of any meeting people spent greeting each other and shaking hands. Acquaintance is expressed by hugs and kisses on the cheek.

Polish brides have marvelous traits

They`re independent

These ladies are taught to be financially independent of their relatives and men. The financial part is essential for family life, but being rich isn`t necessary for finding a compatible wife from Poland. Such a partner understands that support and kindness make harmonious relationships, but not money. If you have a stable job and serious intentions, you may start a romance with a Polish bride without any prejudices.

They adore festivals and celebrations

Visiting your soulmate in Poland, you can discover lots of fascinating traditions. For instance, on Easter Monday, you can dose with water on the streets. This holiday is called Śmigus-dyngus (or Wet Monday), which dates back to the Middle Ages and initially involved only girls being sprayed with water by boys (a kind of courtship ritual). Enjoy this holiday with your foreign beloved using water guns and garden hoses. Recall your childhood and get closer to your desirable bride!

These ladies love cooking

Beautiful Polish girls gladly please husbands with traditional dishes like pierogi, a kind of stuffed dumpling, stew with mushrooms and sausage, meat, cabbage, and potatoes. Their cuisine is known for delicious cakes. Your beloved will prepare something sweet for you whenever you want. When it comes to various Poland cities, Toruń, for instance, is the home of gingerbread, and Warsaw is famous for its rosehip jam-filled doughnuts. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the main meals, and families usually try to eat together, depending on their schedule. With such a wife, you`ll enjoy cozy evenings with tasty dishes and warm jokes.

Polish women are active

Lots of these girls are fond of hiking, as Poland has numerous locations for it. The most popular are Western and Hind Tatras offering various landscapes. Mount Giewont (1895 m) is one of the most attractive ascents there for locals and travelers. You can go skiing and snowboarding with a foreign bride. Also, Polish ladies like kayaking in summer, choosing the lowlands of Masuria, Warmia, and Kashubia in northern Poland with thousands of lakes and rivers. Many singles prefer cycling, so you can arrange a cycling tour for your lady. Be sure, it`ll be an unforgettable date!

They have amazing humor sense

Their charming sense of humor will put a spell on you. Your future wife is witty and careful with jokes, and they are really funny. It makes guys like you crazy. She`s a well-read and interesting interlocutor at every meeting. Be certain friends will appreciate her jokes and your choice.

Poland lady

Does the religion matters?

Poland is perceived as a Catholic country with many people going to church every Sunday. Still, there are thousands of citizens who don`t practice religious activities as they belong to another faith or are atheists. Anyway, local singles don`t consider religious differences the reason to refuse dating with you. Relationships there are based on mutual feelings and common interests.

What kind of family you may have with Polish wives?

While females from other countries gladly do all the housework, a Polish spouse can suggest dividing household chores between both of you. One of the reasons for that is that these ladies prefer to work and earn for living equally to men. You can rely on a partner, as she does all her best to improve life quality. This feature isn`t typical of many women from other states. Choosing such a wife, remember your soulmate is a bride with self-dignity able to love and care, but she demands respect in return too.

What`s about gifts?

Coming to Poland, it`s better to follow the etiquette of giving gifts. Usually, girls receive them on a name day, birthday, and Christmas. Choose the present of a moderate price not to embarrass a lady. When she invites you for dinner at her house, bring flowers, wine, or sweets. But giving an even number of flowers isn`t a good idea. Also, don`t give yellow chrysanthemums, as they`re considered funeral flowers. The majority of Polish ladies don`t like lilies and carnations, so be attentive to your choice.

Dating one of the mail order Polish brides, you get a new experience differing from your previous ones. These ladies combine an excellent sense of humor, femininity, independence, and intelligence. They`re reliable partners for family life and want to be equal to their men. Looking for such a kind of relationship, stop your choice on the one of Polish girls, and you won`t be sorry!

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